Here is a selection of photos and newspaper cuttings covering the 30 year history of Teignmouth Shotokan Karate club.  Comments are welcome as are any cuttings and photos we may have missed (and please let us know if we have got any dates wrong!!). You can contact me at


The Toyakwai karate associations sensei Joe Anderson jnr at Teignmouth dojo in 1985


Nick and Simon in the Winterbourne centre, 1986(?)


Training a Teignmouth dojo in 198? (any help with the date would be much appreciated!)

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Jeff and Chic training at Teignmouth dojo 198?

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Gary receiving a trophy from sensei Joe Anderson snr, TKA south west competition 1988


Paul Hodgson receiving a first place trophy for boys kumite from sensei Joe Anderson snr. at the 1988 TKA southwest championships.


Sensei Ross Mcginn teaching at Teignmouth community college upper school gym in 1988



TKA summer course, July 1990



TKA Southern Area Championships 1993 reported by the Teignmouth news.


Sightseeing in London before the 1993 TKA national championships.


TKA National championships 1993, Teignmouth News report.



Teignmouth medal winners, 1993 TKA south west championships

Bob, Mike and Paul TKA team championships 1994


Dave, Simon and Simon TKA team championships 1994


Teignmouth medal winners, TKA Essex open, May 1994


The invisible man, one of our most promising students on the TKA summer course 1994.  (Haven't  seen him at the dojo recently though?!)



The Toyakwai National Squad in Copenhagen, Denmark.  November 1994


TKA South West Championship 1998 as reported in the Teignmouth Post


TKA summer course at Great Yarmouth 1998 Sensei's Martin Wilson, Mike Cheesley, Joe Anderson, Billy Gow and Paul Hodgson with William Gow jnr.


Team Kata second place, Greater London invitational championships 1998.  Mike Cheesley, Paul Hodgson and Pete Zeltmann.


TKA south west competition, Easter bank holiday, 1998.  Peter Zeltmann, Paul Hodgson and Mike Cheesley pictured with World games, European, British and English champion Alton Brown.



Temple gym dojo medalists from the TKA south west competition 1999. featured in the Herald express.


Alice Payne 2nd place junior novice to yellow belt, TKA south west championships 1999


Pete Zeltmann, Paul Hodgson and Mike Cheesley Team Kata champions at the Toyakwai International Open 1999



Jo Clarke 1st dan, Teignmouth Post 1999


Sensei Terry O'Neill 7th dan with TSKC's Mike Cheesley, Birmingham 2001 


The KUGB sensei Billy Higgins 6th dan with Teignmouth SKC's Alice Payne at Torbay leisure centre on the 23rd of May 2003


TSKC's Paul Hodgson with Leeds karate academy's Matt Price and Nick Heald at Seni 2004


Mike Cheesley receiving the third place medal for senior black belt kata from Sensei Aiden Trimble 6th dan at the Federation of Shotokan Karate's South West championships 2004.


This report featured in the Teignmouth news in October 2004, for a larger image of this article please go to our gallery page.


Congratulations to those Students who passed there kyu gradings on Sunday 24th of October 2004, also thanks to the brown belts who did not grade but turned up to support the other students.


Sharp-eyed readers of the Teignmouth News may have noticed this article on the Memory Lane page in the 3rd of November 2004 issue, it reminds us that it was 10 years ago(!!) that we went to Denmark with the TKA squad. (for are larger image of this article please go to our gallery page)

On Sunday 24th October 2004 TSKC's Mike Cheesley and Paul Hodgson took part in the Royal marines commando challenge at Woodbury common near Exeter.  The event was a fund raiser for the gemini charitable trust, so a big thank you to everyone who sponsored us and well done to the rest of the team, Kelli-ann, Stewart, Carolyn, Simon and Sara. (for more pictures please go to our gallery page)

Teignmouth SKC's Paul Hodgson took part in a two day CQB (close quarter battle) course at the Royal Marines Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth.  Thanks to the course instructor and Central dojo sensei Dave Owen for the invitation to train on this course. (for larger image see our gallery page).

Seni 2005


Former World under 60kg kumite champion Paul Newby with Teignmouth sensei Paul Hodgson.

The EKGB Southern and Midlands regional squads fought an exhibition team tournament at  Seni 2005 at Birmingham NEC on April 24th among the competitors were the Toyakwai's Jodie Morris and Kaizen's John Anderson Jnr.



Visit our gallery page for more pictures from the tournament.


Mike Cheesley with Commonwealth heavy weight boxing champion Danny Williams.


Also in Birmingham we bumped into old freind and instructor John Anderson, pictured right with Paul, best wishes to John and his students from all at Teignmouth SKC.

KUGB Spring Course, April 2005


Torbay leisure centre, Paignton was the venue for the 2005 KUGB Spring Course. With nine  training sessions between the 4th and 8th of April. 



Alice Payne with Sensei Bob Poynton 7th Dan


Mike Cheesley with sensei Frank Brennan 6th Dan


Teignmouth SKC blackbelt Alice Payne showed excellent dedication to training during the weeks course, training every day, attending the lecture and representing the club in the kata competition.  grateful thanks to Torbay karate club sensei Bob Davis (pictured on the right with Alice) for the invitation to train on this excellent course. 



To view larger images of these pictures please go to our gallery page.